Monday, July 11, 2016

Long Time, No Blog!

Its been quite awhile since I wrote anything on this blog.  A little more than eight years!  A lot has happened in the past eight years to say the least.  My law practice has changed and concentrated on personal injury, criminal defense and family law.

Our personal injury cases are usually motor vehicle accidents involving death and catastrophic injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence. My accident reconstruction experience allows my to thoroughly examine defense evidence and experts to find flaws in their analysis. I have been certified as an expert witness in several areas.

Our criminal defense practice involves representing individuals charged with violations of criminal statutes in both state and Federal courts.  Because of my police and training background I am able to review investigations for errors and omissions that are not normally obvious to others lawyers. I was a police instructor in several areas, including DUI and actually taught and certified police officers in DUI procedures and standardized field sobriety testing.  This advanced knowledge of how police officers are taught to engage in traffic enforcement activities allows me to aggressively and completely defend individuals charged with DUI, criminal traffic crimes as well as other crimes. I know how police officers think and how they go about conducting investigations and this gives me a significant advantage in my aggressive defense of my clients.

Our family law practice involves all aspects of family law with the exception of adoptions and termination of parental rights.  I represent clients in complex, high net worth divorce and child custody matters as well as domestic violence allegations.  I work with several experts in tax, accounting and psychology to form a case profile most beneficial to my clients.  Although, most experts and myself agree that it is best for parties to resolve divorce and child custody matters through mediation that is not always possible.  My considerable trial experience helps to ensure the best possible results for my clients. Domestic violence allegations are particularly pretentious and highly emotional matters that often require an aggressive defense.

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